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You must make sure that the steps below have been followed, by personally seeing the Asbestos Register and Management Plan, before starting work that could expose you and others to Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).

This is a brief timeline of how potential ACMs should be managed, by the Duty Holder, for Commercial premises and communal areas of domestic premises built before the year 2000. 


IDENTIFY if there are ACMs in a premises with a managing survey.

LIST the ACMs found in a premises specific Asbestos Register.

CREATE a Management Plan to confirm what is required.

MANAGE the ACMs as detailed within the Management Plan.

* IDENTIFY ACMs with a Refurb/Pre Demo Survey.

* MANAGE the ACMs detailed within the Refurb/Pre demo Survey.

* UPDATE the management plan following any remediation work.

* Also applies to domestic premises. 

If ACMs are identified, the management plan must be used to help prioritise any potential works that are deemed necessary from the risk assessments.  Bear in mind that a survey may identify a high risk product, but the Duty Holder may decide to restrict access to the area until remediation work can be carried out at a later date, as other items are considered to be a higher risk, possibly due to their location.

For completely independent information, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have written 12 steps to managing asbestos. A direct link to the first step can be found here.

The HSE web site also has information regarding where you can find Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors (LARC).

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